List of MBA Specialisations in India 2022
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List of MBA Specialisations in India 2022

MBA is the best option for those who want to build their career in the corporate or business world. The demand for MBA is increasing rapidly, and because of this, many colleges are providing multiple specialisations to help students pick the niche areas of their interest. So, while choosing your MBA specialisation, make sure it will raise your career graph and your salary package.

But, to get into an MBA college, one needs to pass the CAT Entrance test. Students should initially do CAT registration; then, they can take the MBA entrance exam once they get the admit card. After students pass the entrance test, they need to prepare for their personal interview. So, through these processes, one can pursue an MBA degree at IIMs or other B-schools.

9 MBA Specialisations in India 2022

1. MBA in Marketing Management

When you want to pursue your MBA in Marketing, your course will include an advanced study of market research, selling, product design, promotion, advertising, distribution and other marketing-related concepts.

2. MBA in Financial Management

When you take up an MBA in Financial Management, you will understand the critical aspects of financial business and how it functions. You will learn about operations management, data frameworks and accounting rules and regulations. Students will be trained to execute and develop techniques and strategic tools during the course. It will help them analyse, recognise and comprehend various dimensions of economic business development.

3. MBA in Human Resource Management

The course MBA in Human Resource Management trains students on how to manage the workforce of an organisation. Every company requires an HR who will manage and develop corporate culture by recruiting the best candidates. HR sets rules and regulations, takes care of the employees, and onboards the new candidates. The function of an HR manager is to handle and supervise the workforce to contribute to the company’s success.

4. MBA in International Business

Most companies look for candidates with an MBA degree in International Business to represent their company at an international level. Today, the most talked and trending MBA course is MBA in International Business. The course teaches students about the operational process and foreign trade obligations. It also specialises in making students learn the best methods to increase imports and export by scrutinising, generating and conducting research. Students are also taught to handle the challenges in international business, including trading restrictions and economic and demographic constraints.

5. MBA in Artificial Intelligence

Due to advancements in technology, an MBA in Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow tremendously in the upcoming years. Therefore, this specialisation is predicted to be an extreme desire of multiple young aspirants who wish to build a career in the AI industry. The course will deal with technical and quantitative concepts and strategic mindset development to support data-driven decision-making.

6. MBA in Business Analytics & Big Data

Businesses are constantly looking for talented managers due to the rising need to analyse Big Data. Hence, colleges have introduced this trending subject to make students understand the importance of data and instantly analyse the information, decrypt and interpret actionable solutions to make a valuable organisational impact.

7. MBA in E-Commerce

An MBA in E-Commerce provides students with an advanced understanding of the key concepts involved in conducting business online and extensive knowledge about traditional versus online business methods. It strengthens the students’ capabilities to strategically manage their online business activities while overcoming common pitfalls of the industry. The curriculum includes essential general business management, finance, and marketing skills development, providing leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making.

8. MBA in Entrepreneurship

In recent times, India has been recognised as the entrepreneurial hub of the world. Opting for a degree like an MBA in Entrepreneurship has become exceedingly demanding among young enthusiasts. The programme is designed to provide students with relevant knowledge, harness skills, develop box business ideas, create a commercial venture, and successfully maintain networks needed for company expansion. The course teaches the core technical and pragmatic aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

9. MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management

An MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management allows you to advance and acquire the skills required to manage the tourism sector’s day-to-day operations and theoretical and practical subjects through a holistic approach.Having an MBA degree opens up many opportunities for students in the current scenario. So, after understanding the benefits of MBA, most working professionals and students opt for the course.

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