Cracking NEET 2021 in First Attempt
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Cracking NEET 2021 in First Attempt

Every year lakhs of students take part in competitive tests including the medical entrance test, NEET. The level of competition of these tests is already intense and in the upcoming years, the going only gets tougher. Preparing for these tests is a tough nut to crack, especially in the first attempt. Having said that, it is definitely not something that is unachievable. One can ace NEET with a carefully chalked out plan. 

How to crack NEET in First Attempt?

The seat availability from these entrance tests is limited, while applicants are much higher. Let us understand some important tips on getting through NEET with great scores in the very first attempt. 

  1. Study Material 

The importance of referring to the standard and recommended study material for NEET cannot be emphasized enough. The syllabus for NEET is specified in the official website for NEET. Refer to the standard study material for NEET. The students’ application-knowledge is assessed and not simply the theoretical knowledge. 

Adopt a modern and feasible approach to understand concepts which includes a student-friendly technique for best understanding. Ensure the content aligns with the latest syllabus suggested

  1. Commit To Goals

It is important to have targets fixed at the beginning to be accomplished on a daily, weekly and monthly basis until the examination day. It becomes imperative if one is preparing on their own without any coaching. Refer to a comprehensive set of study material for NEET which will help you better prepare. Ensure to cover a combination of solved papers and NEET sample paper with an advanced approach towards learning, revising, practising and understanding topics deeply. 

  1. Practice

Ever gone blank at the sight of the question paper? Do not feel left out as this is one of the most common feelings faced by students in the examination hall. It could be as a result of anxiety of exams for not having practised through enough questions. To avoid being in this spot, solve enough question papers and get acquainted with each aspect of paper-solving. Solving enough questions will help you comprehend type of questions, judge difficulty level etc. It is advised to solve at least 20 years’ question papers from previous years. 

  1. Revision

If there is any activity that can change the game for you next to practicing, it has to be revisions. Revisions are the key to success in NEET. This is because only those candidates with a clear understanding of concepts will be able to apply learnt concepts under pressure in the examination hall. To know where your learning is and where you stand in the crowd, you can take mock tests to gauge your overall performance. Revision tests can assist in preparing strategies and can be experimented with. 

  1. Effective time management 

It is all about time management in competitive tests and efficiently answering questions. If there is a tactic to manage time and allot time for each section, there is a better chance to secure a good rank.  

This was a 5-step simple guide to be followed religiously in order to crack NEET in the first attempt. For more information, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel. 


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